Deccan International Cine Carnival

An International Film Festival

For the World’s Indie Filmmakers

DICC, A Quick Look

Since ancient times, the Indian Deccan Plateau region has been famous for its rich cinematographic culture and its passion for cinema in all its aspects.

Whether superstars, blockbusters, or innovative and unique indie movies made by today’s independent directors, Deccan cinemas never fail to mesmerize the audience with their masterly cinematic touches and storytelling style.

Deccan International Cine Carnival, DICC, is known as the own film festival for the people of this region. Continually working as the global platform for new and established indie film personalities to showcase their artworks in the competition and get a worldwide audience and recognition, DICC is now counted among one of the most famous film festivals in the world.

We at DICC aim to build an international audience and exposure for independent film personalities, directors, producers, camerapersons, editors, and artists who have taken the risk of going beyond the boundaries of filmmaking and continuously challenging the contemporary forms of cinema.

We proudly recognize and showcase the films to the audience from every corner of the world, and provide an everyday growing exposure to the budding talents in the genre of indie filmmaking.

DICC, An Internationally
Acclaimed Film Festival

Deccan International Cine Carnival, DICC not only focuses on recognizing the indie efforts of moviemaking, but we also focus on the educational, learning, and social aspects of cinema to bring more audience engagement to the artworks submitted to the Deccan International Cine Carnival.

Our international Jury members always acknowledge filmmaking’s diversity in spreading cinema’s magic to every corner of the globe.

• 54+ Film Submission Categories

• Entries from 174+ Countries in the World

• Annual Gala Trophy with Certificate

DICC Competitions and Awards

Our motto is to discover talented filmmakers worldwide and help them expand their project possibilities by recognizing their efforts and helping them to reach out to the global audience.
Being a reputed film festival of the Indian Subcontinent, Deccan International Cine Carnival consists of an international and experienced Jury to evaluate, review, and rate the submitted projects.

We bring the Winning Selections of every Monthly Competition for each category for our Annual Competition to be held in various cities of the Deccan Plateau. In the event, all the winners will participate in the prestigious Honorary Francois Truffaut Award.

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You can submit your film projects by clicking the Submit Now button on the website; we will do the rest for you in the process. Also, you can submit your project by visiting our Cine Carnival’s profile in FilmFreeWay.  

Deccan International Film Festival – DICC has an international Jury of renowned filmmakers who will review, evaluate, and rate your projects.

From submitting the films to the results, we will be in touch with you throughout the process and will keep you informed on any updates. However, you are requested to visit our website and social media channels for updates.

You can contact us via call, messaging, or email on the credentials given on our website.