About us

Deccan International Cine Carnival – DICC is a global indie film festival discovering and recognizing the brilliance of independent Filmmakers, Artists, Technicians, and Producers, worldwide!

Based on the Deccan plateau of the Indian subcontinent, DICC makes every effort to craft a comprehensive film festival, so that budding filmmakers can have an easily accessible platform for showcasing their works and reaching out to the global audience with ease.

DICC has an international Jury consisting of renowned directors and film personalities to criticize, review and rate the submitted films to make a world for indie creativities and the magic of the 21st Century motion picture.

Our Mission

The goal of the Deccan International Film Festival is to create a space and support the unique voices and visionaries of the independent genre of filmmaking and provide them with a worldwide-based audience.

DICC Mission

Our Vision

We aim to create an effective, open environment where critics, producers, filmmakers, and movie buffs can recognize the creations of emerging indie talents, explore new cinematic techniques and styles, and collaborates for cinematic excellence.