Independent Filmmakers and the Mainstream Film World

We are all very familiar with the words like ‘blockbuster,’ ‘superhit,’ or ‘flop’! All these terminologies originated from the mainstream film media and have changed the behaviors of the entire film industry worldwide. How? Let us discuss this today. What is mainstream film media? To answer this query, film critics very often phrase the movies […]

Technical Aspects that an Indie Director should Keep in Mind!

Very often, independent directors kick starts their film projects, and after giving 100% effort and hard work, a movie may need to meet the expectation or standards to be called a masterpiece! What could be the reason for that? Many critics or Jury Members working with worldwide film festivals have noted that a good number […]

French New Wave, the first step towards the Indie Cinema movement

Nowadays, enthusiastic people are aware of independent cinemas and how indie filmmakers are making a difference in their genre of creativity. Whether Europe, Asia, or America, every continent has its specific touches of filmmaking and originality. But historically, France showed us the way of independent films back in the late 1950s. The challenges that today’s […]

Indie Cinemas, the New Wave of Cinematic Excellence

Have you seen the first movie of the world, a train approaching a station made by the Lumiere Brothers back in 1896? It was the first time human civilization could record footage and then do the post-production to make a cinema, no matter how much longer it was! Since then, we have witnessed a massive […]