The Deccan International Cine Carnival, DICC cares for every established and budding filmmaker similarly. This global film festival is open to any voices, thoughts, or film work, no matter the subject, content, or derivation.

At DICC, all the Winners, Official Selections, and Nominees will be enlisted on DICC web platforms. The Winners of the monthly competitions will automatically be qualified for the Annual Gala.

Kindly go through all the Rules, Regulations, and Terms of the Deccan International Film Festival precisely before submitting your project to this global film festival. By submitting your film projects to DICC, you particularly acknowledge that you shall be obligated by the terms and conditions of our rules and regulations.

Dates &

Opening Date: June 21, 2023
Earlybird Deadline: June 28, 2023
Extended Deadline: July 21, 2023
Notification Date: July 25, 2023
Event Date: August 01, 2023

Accepting Entries in the Following Categories

Short Film

DICC Short Film Category is for fictional films, features run less than 30 Mins.

Documentary Film

This Category is for Documentary films and Docudrama features of any length

Narrative Feature

The Narrative Feature Category is for fictional films that run 40 Mins. or longer

Womens' Films

Category for the films made by Female Filmmakers

Experimental Film

A Category for the experimental Filmworks of any length; Films submitted in this category will be eligible only for Experimental programming

Student Film

Category for the films that have been shot, directed, and produced by the students of educational institutions; Student status evidence required

Best Director

[Special Category]
DICC’s BEST DIRECTOR Award for the filmmaker with remarkable work in direction

Best Actor

[Special Category]
DICC's BEST ACTOR Award for the actor featured in Fiction Film of any length

Best Supporting Actor

[Special Award]
DICC Special Award for the BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR featuring in Fiction Film runs of any length

Best Actress

[Special Category]
DICC's BEST ACTRESS Award for the actress featured in Fiction Film of any length

Best Supporting Actress

[Special Category]
DICC Special Award for the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS featuring in Fiction Film runs of any length

Best Sound Design

[Special Category]
DICC Special Award for the BEST SOUND DESIGN in Fiction and Documentary Film runs of any length

Best Cinematography

[Special Category]
DICC Special Award for the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in Fiction and Documentary Film runs of any length

Best Editing

[Special Category}
DICC Special Award for the BEST EDITING in Fiction and Documentary Film runs of any length

Best Producer

[Special Category]
DICC's BEST PRODUCER Award for the production associated with a Fiction or Documentary Film of any length

Best Film Score Soundtrack

[Special Category]
DICC Special Award for the BEST FILM SCORE & SOUNDTRACK in Fiction and Documentary Film runs of any length

Drone Films

Category for the Fictional and Documentary Films have entirely or majorly been shot in Drone Cameras

Web and New Media

Category for the Films related to the 3D, Animation, Apps, Digital Comics, SRC-Socially Responsible Content, STEAM-Science, Technology, New Media

Virtual Reality

VR/Augmented Reality(AR)/360° Filmworks
A unique Category for Filmworks based on Reality Transformation, Visual Abstracts with 360° Dimension

Animated Film

This category is for films of any length that are majorly based on Animated content or stop-motion techniques of filmmaking

Film on Women

A DICC Special Category for the films have been made on the woman-related subject

Horror/Science Fiction/Genre Feature

A unique Category for the films with plots of Science Fiction, Exposure Features, or Horror!!

Mobile Film

A New-age Category for the Fiction and Documentaries have been shot in a mobile phone

Young Filmmaker

[U-18 Category]
A Category for all teenage (U-18) filmmakers; Films submitted in this category will only be judged against the same category submissions; Age proof required

Debut Filmmaker

[1st / 2nd Film]
DICC's one of the most popular Categories among the budding film directors


A Special Category for the feature, fiction, and documentaries based on the LGBTQ+ storylines

Educational Film

Category for the feature, fictional, documentaries of any length have been made for Educational purposes, subjects, or plots

Films on Disability Issue

Films of any length that have been crafted on disability issues, consciousness is eligible for this Special Category

Film on Religion

This Special Category of DICC is for the Religious fiction, documentaries run for any length


Fiction and documentaries have been made on Environmental issues, Nature, or Wildlife are eligible for this DICC Category

Travel Film

A Special Category for Travel stories, Vlogs, or Travel Documentaries of any length

Silent Film

DICC's one of the distinct Categories with worldwide recognition - For the soulful Silent Fictions, Documentaries

1-Minute Film

Creative Filmworks of 60 Seconds are eligible for this Category

Postmodern Film

DICC's Special Category to subvert the Mainstream Narrative and Characterization of Storylines with Surreal efforts

Free Speech

We Invite directors worldwide to submit FREE SPEECH films as they express themselves or give a voice to the oppressed; Only movies that celebrate the freedom of storytelling and contain strong social, political, or religious messages will be considered in this Category

Short Script/Draft Screenplay

A unique Category of Short Script or Draft Screenplay of any length at a stretch


DICC's one of the traditional Categories for the TV, Series Feature of any length

Music Video

A Category for the Music Videos, Musical Features of any length


(5 minutes or less)
Category for the Trailer, Teasers of the Indie Film Personalities

Film Banner/Video Poster

A Category for the Film, Television Show poster; ONE IMAGE per submission.


(Film Set, Shooting Stills, Images, Photos included)
A Category for the Memorable Photographs from Film Shooting, Raw footage, Post Production, Video, and TV Sets; ONE IMAGE per submission

Filmic Treatment/

DICC's Category for the Synopsis, Treatment works based on fiction, documentaries of any length

Feature, Fictional Film Script

An ever-hot Category of the DICC for the Scripts of Fiction, Indie films of any length

Performing Arts

A Special Category dedicated to the Genre of Performing Arts and Filmmaking correlated to the Art Form

Amateur Film

Category for the Amateur Filmworks and Indie creations. Open to all ages, and film lengths

Best VFX Artist

DICC’s Category for the 21st Century VFX creations and AI Creativity, any length or genre eligible

Crime short

A Special Category for the feature films, fictions, and documentaries based on any darker part of society

Micro short

A micro movie/short is a type of microcinema that refers to a short/microfilm of any genre. Max duration must be within 20 minutes. The winner of this category becomes Qualified for the Honorary Francois Truffaut Award

Romantic short

A DICC Special Category for the films have been crafted based on Romanticism

Family/Children Film

Films for the whole family or Children that delve into issues relating to faith and family and or simply friendly family & Children films designed for common audiences and critics. The winner of this category becomes Qualified for the Honorary Francois Truffaut Award in the Best Family/Children Film Category

Comedy Short/Slapstick

DICC's renowned Category for Comedy, Humorous Filmworks

Psychological Thriller

The winner of this category becomes Qualified for the Honorary Francois Truffaut Award.

Selfie Video/Selfie Movie

A Gen-Y Category for the features, fiction, and indie films shot on Selfie Cameras

Episodic Television

A TV program consisting of multiple episodes of a single season. For the purpose of these Guidelines, an entire season of episodes shall be deemed one motion picture production. “Filmed” means the creation or digital manipulation of a moving image project; the actual production activity for various industry segments.



Submit  your film TO DICC



  • Submitting your film to the DICC does not ensure Official Selection, Winning the Award, or Laurel.
  • As we have a different panel of judges for each month’s competition, the film submitted to the DICC for a specific month can be re-submitted at any time for another opportunity.
  • The films made in languages other than English must have an English Subtitle to avoid Submit Rejection.
  • The Deccan International Cine Carnival reserves the right to refuse any entries for our competition.
  • A Director/Producer/Individual can submit more than one film in a category and more than one category for a single competition.
  • You agree to assure and hold harmless the DICC from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs of the court) that may be incurred because of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, and publicity.
  • If a submitted film has been an official selection, the filmmaker will be notified, and the film will be listed on the DICC website under the Official Selection section.
  • The DICC requires an official poster or trailer, synopsis, and a link to your film. While submitting, please select the category carefully to avoid disqualification. Although, the DICC Authority reserves the right to re-assign films to the appropriate category.
  • An applicant’s film will be privately screened to our jury of judges and will not initially be screened to the public.
  • A filmmaker’s submission fee will not be reimbursed after initiating the submission process.
  • The Film Festival Body may amend these rules and regulations without prior notice. As per the regulations, every such amendment will be effective immediately. Kindly visit the official website frequently to check for any updates.
  • All types of entry fees are non-refundable. We request you to read all the rules, terms, and regulations to avoid any form of complication in the submission process.

Deccan International Cine Carnival - DICC

Worldwide Indie Filmmakers’
Beloved Film Festival


If a film is accepted for presentation and screening at the film festival. In that case, all filmmakers understand and agree that they are giving Deccan International Cine Carnival full and unrestricted permission to screen the film/video at the festival’s discretion and to charge an admission fee for the presentation of the digital video program.

The Filmmaker recognizes and acknowledges that they will not receive any revenue from the box office proceeds, which the festival will hold to assist cover the overall cost of the festival production. It is important to note that box office receipts never cover the expense of presenting the Feature and Short Film Programs. The Deccan International Cine Carnival (DICC) is a tax-exempt non-profit cultural organization at the federal, state, county, and city levels.

All formats and regions are played back on professional Pioneer International playback equipment. Prior to the public exhibition, all entries are rigorously pre-screened to ensure that the DCP meets professional standards. The Film Festival (DICC) will not be held liable for any technical difficulties that may arise during the display of this film during the actual event.

Despite being selected for screening, the Deccan International Cine Carnival has the right to modify the program dates and times and not screen the video.

For the actual presentation of the video at the festival, the director will attempt to present to The Festival (DICC) a new and pre-checked hard disc/DCP.